Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines


Prashant Spa Boracay Island, was conceived, developed and established within the same landscaped property as Tirta Spa. Using the same high quality products and highly-trained staff as Tirta Spa, but with treatments taking place in a sala inside the Prashant Spa massage pavilion. Here, clients can enjoy the benefits, both physiological and psychological, of our renowned holistic treatments and therapies, whilst also enjoying the unique heavenly ambience and the services of a truly luxurious retreat, for which award-winning Tirta Spa is renowned.

We provide the perfect setting for delivering unforgettable memories to guests who wish to enjoy a spa experience either alone, benefitting one’s inner self, or while bonding with family or friends on holiday.