Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines


Tirta Spa brand, "Prashant Spa Boracay," takes its name from the Sanskrit, "Shant," meaning "Great Peace or Extreme Calm" and is located within the Tirta Spa estate.

Prashant Spa Boracay has been conceived and developed within the premises of Tirta Spa Boracay Island to cater to today’s weary traveler, seeking high-quality therapies in a contemporary, holistic ambience and to ensure that the all-important rest and rejuvenation that is part of a memorable seaside escape in paradise, will be accessible to an even wider client-base.

Owned and managed by Ms En Calvert, the owner and Spa Director of Tirta Spa, Prashant Spa has been designed to offer you not only the ultimate rejuvenation and inspirational experience, but also, with top-end facilities, products and services, to provide the perfect setting for delivering unforgettable memories to discerning guests who wish to enjoy a spa experience either alone, benefitting one’s inner self, or while bonding with family or friends on holiday.

The exquisite presentation of Prashant Spa at Tirta Spa is unsurpassed. Nothing is known to beat stress more effectively than a holistic treat in the lap of nature, inducing guests into a state of perfect bliss. The facilities, services and spa products used are of the highest quality, with particular emphasis on the use of pure aromatherapy essential oils and sweet almond base oil in our massage blends. These oils form a most important part of our therapies and treatments, ensuring that clients benefit from and relish every single moment of their time with us at Prashant Spa.

Immerse yourself in an ambience of total tranquility at Prashant Spa.