Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines


"Tirta" is the Hindu word for "Holy Water" and the impressive Tirta Spa estate can be found on Boracay, perched upon a windswept hill, overlooking Crocodile Island and the azure waters of the Sibuyan Sea.

Tirta Spa was named "DAY SPA OF THE YEAR 2010" at the prestigious AsiaSpa Baccarat Crystal Awards in Hong Kong.

The success of Tirta Spa is the result of years of hard work, intensive training and maintaining the highest overall standards in the spa industry, evidence of which can be seen clearly in the number of repeat clients and referrals that are received. Additionally, Tirta Spa proudly won her first spa industry award for "Most Outstanding Health & Beauty Spa in the Philippines", just one year after opening, a second award less than a year later for "Best Day Spa in Asia," held in Thailand and, last November, the prestigious AsiaSpa Baccarat Crystal Award for "Day Spa of the year in Asia 2010," an amazing achievement for a product that is only three years old, in a highly competitive market where competitors open in Asia almost every month. Winning these awards is a result not only of using the highest quality products and offering innovative treatments with therapeutic benefits for body, mind and soul, in a setting of unique architectural design, but is also about the impeccable service that comes from the heart of each and every Tirta Spa therapist.

Prashant Spa has been founded upon the same principles as the award-winning Tirta Spa and promises to deliver the same high standards of services. Tirta Spa has become renowned, not only in The Philippines and across Asia, but now globally. A Destination Spa, located on the hills of Boracay Island, overlooking the Sibuyan Sea, amidst the forest reserve, Tirta Spa boasts of cottages nestled in one hectare of beautiful countryside. The interior of the rooms emphasize the eco-friendly use of wood with abundant natural light and fresh air. The sacred architectural design of Tirta Spa, with attention paid to even the most minute detail, is a fusion of different Asian styles, borrowed from spiritual cultures and temples.

The exquisite presentation of Prashant Spa is equally unsurpassed. Nothing is known to successfully combat stress more effectively than a holistic treat in the lap of nature, inducing guests into a state of perfect bliss. Enjoying a therapy on a hill top, with the calming view of the ocean and the cool air caressing your face, is beyond the ultimate retreat.

Prashant Spa has been designed with the most discerning and experienced spa enthusiast in mind. The "Spa Connoisseur" who believes that in addition to high quality therapies and perfectly executed treatments, the ideal high-end spa should also offer a breathtaking physical ambience, enhancing one’s psyche and preparing the mood for relaxation in anticipation of the client’s mystical treatment. Prashant Spa has been conceived as a blend of Asian cultures, traditional and contemporary, highlighted not only by the impressive architecture, but by the Buddhist statues and relics and landscaped gardens too, completing the perfect spa setting for a truly luxurious pampering.

If you, your family and friends are looking to complete a holiday on the island of Boracay, with the ultimate in relaxation and inspiration, then visit Prashant Spa at Tirta Spa and experience the exclusive treatment packages that have been carefully designed for you all. The perfect spa experience with an ambience that is hard to find back home and that will, undoubtedly, be the most memorable part of your holiday on Boracay Island.

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Tirta Spa has won its first two, coveted, spa industry awards – a not inconsiderable achievement for such a young business, particularly when considering the number of new businesses that are opening in competition, in Asia.