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Discover the “PRASHANT SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY” campaign and Enjoy DISCOUNT and longer massage treatment

Please mention this code:
“Prashant Spa Earth Day Everyday Campaign”

(To enjoy the discount, make sure to mention the code, otherwise we have a different discount rate at the lobby, this is for our website marketing campaign purposes)

As a general rule, a spa should always be set in a peaceful, holistic and ecologically friendly environment. With this in mind, Ms. En Calvert, the owner and spa director, envisaged Tirta Spa & Prashant Spa, in respecting the environment during conceptualization, construction and, most especially, during operation, to be the epitome of all these qualities.

Receive discounts on “PRASHANT SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY” campaign.

By supporting us in making our subtle contributions to the island’s well being! Help the planet, help Boracay Island and plant an unforgettable memory of a truly luxurious Spa in your heart, mind, body and soul.


Save water. To enjoy the maximum length of time for your massage, we advise you not to shower before the treatment. However, if you would like to shower, please make this as brief as possible so that we don’t have to reduce the time spent on your treatment.

If you just book for a massage your total treatment time is 1 hour and 15 mins or 2 hours for facial & massage package. The therapy time begins with a foot scrub ritual, whilst sitting on a sofa bed, you enjoy drinking hot ginger tea.


In order to gain maximum therapeutic benefits from our high-quality essential oils and to feel the nourishing effect of the sweet almond base oil that we use for your massage, we strongly advise you not to shower for at least two to three (2-3) hours after the end of your massage treatment.

Your “PRASHANT SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY” campaign benefits:

Allowing the oils to fully penetrate in your skin for few hours will also assist in skin re-hydration, aid relaxation and boost your immune system.

You are visiting spa to benefits yourself in wellness, so maximize the efficacious of Tirta Spa and Prashant Spa high quality massage oils.

Not only that, but by conserving water and cutting down on the use of soap and washing powder for laundry, together you are playing your part in the “Tirta Spa & Prashant Spa Earth Day Everyday Campaign,” protecting our island and healing the earth and for that, we are very grateful indeed.

Terms and Conditions:

To enjoy the discount, kindly mention “PRASHANT SPA - EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY discount promo”. Please be advised that bookings for this promo are accepted only if made directly by the client, on a first come, first served, walk-in basis and on cash basis only.

At the lobby, Tirta & Prashant Spa receptionists will be happy to assist you in choosing from their selection of promotions and to guide you in detail through the menus of promotional discount treatment packages.


We have brochures around the island if you would like to review our spa menu services and you can find it also from your resort. After reading, please either pass our flyers or brochures to friends back home or return it to the resort desk for other potential client or dispose of it responsibly!

Let’s keep Boracay Island’s environment clean and green!


Be well and show your concern for the environment with a green concept, wellness holiday on the island


Thank you very much for your kind consideration for being part of our earth day every day initiative program, as we try to play our part in the environmental protection of Boracay Island.