Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines Prashant Spa Boracay Philippines


The facilities, services and spa products used are of the highest quality, with particular emphasis on the use of pure aromatherapy essential oils and sweet almond base oil in our massage blends. These oils form an essential part of our therapies and treatments, ensuring that clients relish every single moment of their time with us at Prashant Spa. Treatments and therapies at Prashant Spa are based on ancient, Asian healing remedies and, with the aim of balancing the senses and working deeply to restore the body’s equilibrium, enhancing one’s own natural healing system, are far more than mere pampering.

Guests can experience the exhilarating new-age signature treatment by Prashant Spa, the "Prashant Signature Massage," together with our Neroli Facial Scrub, well-known for its rejuvenating properties, or the Spice Rack Detox - a combination of herbs and spices used to create a body scrub that detoxifies the skin. Other treatments featured are based upon ancient, holistic Filipino healing customs, using indigenous plants and fruits such as luya and calamansi that offer a multitude of healing benefits.

The individual requirements of each guest will be familiar to all the highly-trained therapists who, in turn, will happily recommend appropriate treatments.